How to enable Google Analytics with eCommerce tracking for your KartRocket store


-Login to your Google Analytics account

-Create new GA account for Client (you will need to click on reporting tab to view reports)

-Enable eCommerce Tracking

*Click on Admin

*Click on All Web Data

*Go to profile Settings
 Store Setup Guide   Internal sell online for free

*Under ecommerce settings, click “Yes, an ecom site”

 Store Setup Guide   Internal sell online for free

*Change currency to Indian Rupees
*Click on Apply

-Add company employees emails to GA
*While in Admin, go to “Users” tab
*Click on New User
*Add email addresses for client emails and Select role as Administrator and check notify user by email.

-Copy UA-XX-XXX series code

How to Add Google Analytics to your KartRocket Store

1. Go to your App Store

2. Find the Google Analytics and Adwords App

3.  Click on Settings to access the app

a. To activate Google Analytics, simply paste your UA-XXXXX-X format code in the first field and hit save.

b. If you have an adwords account and would like to track successful conversions, you can enter your Adwords Conversion ID and Adwords Label in the next two fields and hit save.

That's it!

Note: your Google Analytics integration is ecommerce ready, so you will be able to track transaction related data as well in your Google Analytics account.


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