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How to setup your Facebook Store with KartRocket

Note: this article assumes you have already generated a Facebook App and have got your required keys. If not, please refer to this article here on how to do this.

Settings on your KartRocket Store

1. Login to your administration area and navigate to the Apps section.

2. Click on Social Media

3. Find the Facebook Store App and click Setting

4. Browse and Upload a logo that you want to display on your Facebook Shop

5. Next enter your Facebook App Id

6. Select specific products you want to show on Facebook or leave blank to show all

7. There are other tabs such as Product Filters, Category Links, News Updates, Showcase, Daily Deal, Latest Products and Hot Sellers that you can configure to turn on and off and other details by visiting the specific tabs.

8. For each of these tabs, e.g., Category Links, you will need to pick
a. A Layout - i.e. on which of your facebook store layouts do you want this widget to appear. Suppose we pick Facebook Store - Home. You will see the category links menu on FB Store home.
b. A Position - left, right, top or bottom - as it sounds, this defines where you want the widget to appear.

There might be other widget specific settings like picking products, product limits, sort order (if you have more than one widget on a layout/position).

Set these up as you wish and don't forget to hit the save button for each widget.

9. Once you are done configuring the widgets, go back to the Facebook Store tab and copy the iFrame code at the bottom of the app page:

Keep this somewhere as you will need it when we configure your Facebook Fan Page.

Settings on your Facebook Fan Page

1. Make sure you already have a Fan Page where you want to install your shop. If not, please read this article here:

2. While you're logged into facebook, access the URL:

3. Click on the big blue button that says "Add Static HTML to a Page"

4. Next Facebook will ask you to pick a Fan Page where you want to install this application. Please make sure you pick the Fan page you have just created for your product, shop or brand.

5. Pick your page and click Add Static HTML: iframe tabs button

6. You will be taken to your Fan Page and will notice a new Icon next to your Likes box called "Welcome"

7. Click on this star icon, you will see the message that you're in Admin mode.

Click the "Edit Tab" button.

8. Paste the code you have copied in the first section in the text box as follows:

You will get an error insecure URLs, just ignore the error.

9. Click "Save & Publish"

10. You should now see your Facebook Store in the Welcome Tab!

You can always click the "View Tab in Visitor Mode Instead" link to see exactly how your customers see it also.

Change Name and Icon of the Facebook Shop Tab

1. Edit page > Edit Settings:
2. More > Apps :
3. Static HTML > Edit Settings :
4. Custom Tab name: (Click Save)
5. Custom Tab Image > Change
a. In new page, click "Edit" on the default Star Icon
b. Click "Choose" to upload your image of choice: [image bust be exactly 111 x 74 px]
c. You will see this:
d. Go back to the main window and click "Okay"
6. Here is how it looks now:

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