How to setup Google Product Feeds in conjunction with Adwords

Registration for Google Feeds

Note: to use Google Feeds, you must have an Adwords account as this is a paid service.

Make sure you have a Google Account (through Gmail, or Google Apps).

  1. Visit Google Merchant Center
  2. Login with your Google credentials
  3. Click on Data Feeds in the left

  4. Click on New Data Feed
    1. Pick your target country (India)
    2. In the feed name enter googlebase.xml and click Continue
    3. Click on Create schedule

    4. Enter your feed URL as:

    5. Leave the username/password fields blank
    6. Pick a updation schedule date and time
    7. Click schedule and fetch now


Since Google Merchant is not free any more, you will need to link your merchant account to an adwords account.

  1. Click on Dashboard
  2. Click on Setup Product Listing Ads Campaign


      3. Use an existing adwords account to setup your campaign, or enter a new adwords account ID

      4. Select your targeted countries, bid, budget, etc. and follow the next steps to setup your campaign.


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