How to manage COD SMS feature from "Cash On Delivery" app?

Earlier we used to have 2 apps related to COD payment gateway - Cash On delivery and SMS Cod Confirmation. We have grouped both the features together. SMS facility on COD will be managed by “Cash on Delivery” app. So whenever you select “Yes” option for “Use COD Verify” field in the app, it will enable the SMS verification at the time of COD orders.

Here’s how you can manage COD SMS feature from “Cash On Delivery” app:

1. Login to your store admin panel.
2. Navigate to Rules on the left side menu, then click on Payment Options.


  1. Search for “Cash On delivery” app, then click on “Setting”.

 3. Locate field “Use Cod Verify” on right side screen, check the option as “Yes” if you want the COD orders to be verified via SMS.



4. If you wish to switch the SMS verification OFF select “No”


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