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How to setup a transaction fee

So you want to charge for COD huh?

We don't blame you.

Several time KartRocket customers have asked us to enable a method where they can charge their customers specifically for certain payment methods - namely COD (Cash on delivery).

You can do this on KartRocket by doing the following:
1. Go to Apps
2. Find the "Transaction Fees" app:
3. Click on Setting
4. Fill the following fields:
a. Lable: what do you want to display to the customer at checkout and on the invoice
b. Order Total: under what order value should this transaction fees apply - for e.g., you may want to waive off the fees for an order value above Rs. 2000
c. Percentage or Fixed Fee - enter the % or fixed fee you want to charge as transaction fees
d. Payment Method - on selecting which payment method should the customer incur the fees. In this example, we have selected COD
e. Tax class: whether you want to apply taxes on this or not.
f. Status: set this to enabled
g. Enter a sort order - this is where it will display in the invoice order total. Most commonly a value of 2 or 3 should be fine.

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