How To Integrate MailChimp App with your KartRocket Store

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001. It has 7 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month
You can use it to send out highly converting newsletters. It helps you manage your Email Marketing Campaigns. Your customer list can be synced with MailChimp so that every time a customer creates an account on your store their email is automatically added to your MailChimp account. You can also directly import your existing email database to MailChimp

Features and Benefits:
1.Automation & Personalization- MailChimp helps you email the right people at the right time .Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences
2.Advanced Analytics- offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere
3.Flexible design options- Add content and collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand , using MailChimp’s Email Designer
4.Send Anytime Anywhere- fully responsive app, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want to

1.Log into Click on Red sign up Free button in the top right corner


2.Get started with your free Account. Enter an email, username and password and click on create my Account. Refer below



3.You will get a thank you message for signing up. Now, check your email and click activate account on the email ID that you gave


4.Log in to your email ID that you used to sign up. A verification mail has been sent by MailChimp. Open it and click on ‘Activate Account’



5.On clicking activate account button, you will be taken to a page where you need to type the given code to confirm. Click on confirm sign up




1.Enter your first name, last name, your email ID. See below for reference


2.Enter your organization information. Enter yes, if you have a list of emails to import to MailChimp, your company name, store URL, business address. Enter the industry that is relevant to your business




3.Select the ‘Time zone’ you want to keep. You can upload a profile photo if you wish to. Click on ‘save and get started’ button. See below for reference


4.You will be taken to MailChimp Dashboard. See below for reference

5.Now, go to top right corner of this page, click on orange store name drop down menu and click on Account. See below for reference


6.Go to Extras and click on API Keys. See below



7.You will see the below page. Now go to your API Key and click on create a key button. See below for reference


8.You will get a success notification on top, for creating the API Key

9.Scroll down to reach ‘your API Keys’ and copy the key under API Key

10.Now you have to paste this key to the API Key box on MailChimp app on your Kartrocket store. To do this, Open your store on Kartrocket panel , log in with the username and password details and your dashboard would open. See Below for reference.


11.Click on Apps on the right hand side. This will show a list of apps in the app store. See below for reference


12.Click on ‘Marketing’ category in the top. This will show a list of marketing apps. Scroll to reach ‘MailChimp Connector’ app and click on green install button


13.The page will refresh and the install would change to a settings button showing ‘ON’status

14.Click on settings button and you will get to the page below. Here, in the API Key field you need to paste your key which you had copied. Refer step no 9. See below for reference



1.Go back to your Mailchimp Dashboard. Click on List in the Header menu and create your first list. Refer below


2.Fill out the set up details with your information.
a.Enter list name e.g.- Membership or Fashionfly Newsletter.
b.Default from Name can be your company name.
c.Fill up the field ‘remind people how they got on your list’ e.g.-you’re receiving this email because you signed up for more information about fashionfly.
d.Notifications- any email that you receive from MailChimp when you get people subscribing or unsubscribing to this email list and that can be hooked upto a website form
e.Check the daily summary button for subscribers/unsubscribers activity
f.When you’re finished, click the save button Refer to the snapshot below

3.After saving, you’ll see a notification that you have a brand new list and a set of links for your next steps



4.Now, go back to your Kartrocket panel with MailChimp Connector set up opened. Now you will see the list is automatically uploaded to MailChimp list . If you are using an existing MailChimp account that has multiple lists. Choose the one you want to use from the drop down.Refer below





5.Configure the remaining settings as per your requirement and click on ‘save’

6.You will get a success notification that you have modified the MailChimp settings successfully.

7.You also have an option to import list. For this again in your dashboard click ‘ list’ in the header . The page shows the list created. Now click on grey ‘stats’ button and further click on ‘import’

8.Below you can see a range of ways you can upload subscribers. You have very basic options like upload from file on your computer or copy/paste from excel


9.Now, click on ‘copy paste from excel’ See below for reference


10.After clicking on ‘copy paste from excel’. You reach this screen


11.Go across to your spreadsheet and select all the fields that you want to copy across

12.Paste it to the table as shown and click on ‘import list’


13.Next step is to match the columns you have created with the data you have imported and click on ‘complete import’


14.This will show the list of emails added to your list.Here we added 5 new ones to our list. See below for reference



1.Go to ‘lists’ in the top menu. Click on it. Click ‘stats’ drop down and select ‘sign up forms’


2.You can choose whatever you want.


3.In the example below we have clicked on ‘Embedded forms’. You can choose any of the three form types – Classic, Slim, Naked. Here, we have chosen the classic form. Leave the form width empty, so that the form will fill the width allowed in your widget. Fill the fields as per your requirement and then copy the code and paste it on your store.


4.Here we have pasted on blogger website in the layout with an ‘add a gadget’ with HTML/JAVA Script box. See below for reference


5.You can see the output below- ‘subscribe to our newsletter with an email ID field and a subscribe button




1.Click on the Sync tab. Choose the list that you want to populate when people sign up on your store. Select the customer group that you want to sync. The default option is all customers. Once you have entered your settings click on start sync


2.Once you have a list of emails in your MailChimp account. You can start sending out email Campaigns. Click on ‘campaigns’ in the header menu to get started.

1.After clicking on campaign button , it will ask you to create a campaign. Click on the grey ‘create a campaign ‘ button towards the top right of the page



2.You will see the below page. Choose a type of campaign to send.

3.Choose whether you want to send the email to the entire list or a particular segment and then click ‘next’


4.Give your campaign a name. Enter the subject you want the email to have. Enter the name that you want the emails be from. Enter the from email address. Choose how you want to address with the merge tags. Read the text above the box to understand how to use Merge Tags. Click on Next


5.You can choose to create your email from scratch. There are a no of layouts for you to choose from


6.Another option that is great for beginners is to use the preinstalled themes. Select the theme that you like


7.The theme editor is very easy to use. Use the panel on the right to select the section of the email that you want to edit . Take your mouse over the images in the theme and you will get the options to edit or remove them


8.You can also edit the text in the theme and change what is displayed on the button.




9.Make sure you link the button text to the correct URL. In this case the web address is of our store- Fashionfly


10.Once you have edited the theme to your satisfaction. Click on next


11.Go through the settings of your campaign to make sure they are correct then click on ‘send’

12.Click on ‘send now’ to send your first campaign


13.After clicking ‘send now’ you get this message


14.MailChimp also offers powerful reporting features. Click on reports on the header menu to see how your campaigns are performing. Below is an example of another test campaign

15.The campaign will tell you how many people opened the mail and clicked on the links in it. Overtime you can use this information to make your email newsletters more effective







MAILCHIMP APP – (Settings)

The MailChimp Connector application functionality screen on Kartrocket panel consists of three Module tabs
I. Settings
II. Sync
III. Webhooks

I.Settings: The MailChimp ‘settings’ module tab is kept open when the user opens the functionality page. It consists of the following fields:

a)MailChimp API Key: This is kept a mandatory field. Below is a short disclaimer explaining in brief where you can find your API Key. It asks the user to log into the MailChimp Account, going to ‘account’ and then further going to API keys & Authorized Apps.

Another route exists. It is: Log into MailChimp AccountAccountExtrasAPI Keys

There is a small box next to this field where the user can enter his API Key

b)MailChimp List: This is kept a mandatory field as well.
Please Note:
The list will auto populate only when the user ‘creates a list’ or ‘imports one’. If the user has an existing MailChimp account and has multiple lists. The user gets to select the one he wants to use.
Next to this is a drop down menu to select the lists

c)Double Opt-in: This has not been kept as a mandatory field. It tells you ‘ It requires that someone sign up , and then click a link to confirm that they want to be subscribed to your list before actually being added’
Next to this field is a drop down field box containing ‘enable’ and ‘ disable’ options
Double Opt-in basically means the person who subscribes must confirm their request twice. 1st time when the user submits his emailid to the web based form. E.g. anyone who submits their name and email address to an X newsletter must enter their first name and email Address and then hit the button to submit their request to join the newsletter

After the initial request is received by the email list software, a special confirmation email is sent to the address of the person input into the form. This is the second Opt-in. This email consists the link which the recipient must click to confirm their subscription request. Once they have done this , they have ‘double opted-in’

d)Update Existing: This has not been kept as a mandatory field. Is a field with a drop down box containing 2 options of ‘enable’ and ‘disable’. This has a disclaimer explaining in brief what it means. It says ‘ Whether existing subscribers should be updated instead of throwing an error.

e)Extra Customer fields: This has not been kept a mandatory field. This as the others has a disclaimer explaining the above in brief. It says ‘ Adds extra fields to the front-end module to capture last names and first names’.

This has ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ option in the drop down list
f)Email Type: To ‘select a default email type for front end subscribers’. It has drop down box with 2 options- HTML and Plain Text format

g)Layout: Page where you want to display your ‘website form’

h)Position: Content top, content bottom, Column left, Column right

i)Status: Enable or Disable

j)Sort Order: Based on priority



II.Sync: Synchronize OpenCart with MailChimp. (The Heading of the page)

a)MailChimp List: This is a mandatory field. Disclaimer to this says- ‘ this list will automatically populate when you have entered a valid API Key’
Choose the MailChimp list you would like to sync with. This list will automatically populate when you have entered a valid API Key.
It has a drop down list

b)Customer groups: Not a mandatory field. Disclaimer says ‘ choose the Opencart customer group to sync. Default is all customers’. This has drop down list with ‘all customer groups’ ‘customer’ ‘default’ ‘wholesale’ ‘test’ options

c)Sync All Customers: not a mandatory field. Disclaimer says Warning! Be careful syncing any customers who have not asked to receive emails . Only use this feature if you know what you are doing. It has a checkbox next to it.

d)Start Sync: link


MAILCHIMP APP – (Webhooks)

III.Webhooks: Enable MailChimp Webhooks Support (The Heading)
Not a mandatory field. Disclaimer says – ‘This will allow MailChimp to send mailing list subscribe and unsubscribe information back to Smartstore where it will be updated.
There is a drop down list with ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ option




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