How to Integrate Cemantika App with Your KartRocket Store


According to recent reports, 68% of marketers say personalization based on behavioral data has a high impact on ROI, and 74% say it has a high impact on engagement. But only 19% do it. Don’t be a part of that 19%. Kickstart your personalized online marketing campaigns today with Cemantika.

Cemantika, a product of Teritree technologies, is your one stop personalized marketing tool, which will help you run preconfigured marketing campaigns on multiple channels like email and SMS, based on your user insights and activities. You can easily create your own campaigns using real time filterable user and content segments.

With Cemantika, you can create and send the following campaigns:

1)      Welcome Campaign

Send welcome email and SMS on immediate signup with trending products and coupon.

2)      Abandoned Cart Campaign

Send reminder email and SMS within 24 hours of abandoning cart with list of products and discounts.

3)      Viewed Product Campaign

Send email after the user views product for easy purchase option.

4)      Post Purchased Campaign

Send emails or SMS after 15 days based on user's pervious purchases.

5)      Weekly Engagement Campaign

Send weekly emails to entire customer database with top-selling products and trending products.

How to Integrate Cemantika with KartRocket Store?

Here is the easy process to integrate Cemantika with your KartRocket online store:

1)      Login to your KartRocket store.


2)      Before you start the integration process, make sure you clear the store cache and enable Google Feeds.

3)      Go to Apps and search for Cemantika. Click on Install.


4)      Now, click on Setting.


5)      Checkbox the terms & conditions and click on Signup.

6)      The following screen will appear. Just enter the details like password and captcha. Click on Create Account.
7)      Your account has been created successfully.



 8)      Go to your registered email ID for email verification. Sign in to your Cemantika account and get started.



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